DS Automobiles DS 4 E-TENSE

The DS 4 E-TENSE is the top model in the new DS 4 series from DS Automobiles. It presents itself as a real crossover of SUV and limousine in the compact segment – which is true for its quality as well as its design. Its unusual form clearly distinguishes itself from its competition. Inside, the DS 4 E-TENSE features high-end materials, chromed elements and an elegant overall look. The DS 4 is a full hybrid Plug-In car with an electronic drive with 225 hp and 360 Nm; the petrol engine is a four-cylinder turbo drive with 181 PS and 300 Nm. The DS 4 reaches a maximum speed of 233 km/h.

+ full hybrid car (Plug-In) with 12.4 kWh strong battery
+ electric reach about 50 km
+ fastest charging time nearly 2 hours (using a 3-phase AC quick-charging station)

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