The caravan is a very popular way to go on holiday. But when it comes to move the trailer to or from the car, this can be quite exhausting. The maneuvering system EAL Enduro EM405 saves your strength and nerves. Toothed-rolles, which are driven by an electric motor, are pushed to the wheels on both sides, thus moving the trailer to wherever it is needed. The two motors of the Enduro EM405 take up to two tons of overall weight. If the gradient goes up to 18 per cent, it still carries 1,750 kg. The maneuvering system is also able to turn the trailer 360 degrees on the spot with the help of the remote control or via smartphone App. Moving the trailer on the smallest space without effort. Precise control via remote control or smart phone. Maximum maneuvering weight: 3,000 kg with four motors.

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