The traditional family company ELTEN, founded in 1910, takes care of the protection of our feet with efgreifendes know-how. ELTEN manufactures safety and work shoes that provide protection and comfort. Shoes, straps, steel toecaps and other products are planned, designed and produced for customers at ELTEN.

Headquartered in Uedem, Germany, the company employs over 370 people from 14 nations. ELTEN has developed an ambitious plan with the comprehensive sustainability program “ELTEN LOOP” and documented it in its CSR report. Step by step, the aim is to promote and implement business practices that are fit for children.

Jury: “ELTEN combines its corporate values with sustainable business practices. The use of environmental and quality management, a broad social commitment beyond the company, the reduction of CO2 as well as the generation and use of renewable energies, the audits of the implemented measures and finally the promotion of the circular economy in its own manufacturing business and the researching commitment to new solutions contribute to the fact that ELTEN is helping to shape a future suitable for grandchildren in the sense of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In our view, ELTEN is a pioneer of sustainable business. The company proves that equally ambitional economic, ecological and social goals are compatible with each other. ELTEN does not limit itself to the obligation, but also understands sustainability as a freestyle and uses the potential of sustainable economic management for its own and the common good’s oriental advantage.

We are therefore unreservedly in favor of the PLUS X AWARD for sustainability in the categories of corporate values, future security and circular economy.

This special award honors what has already been achieved and includes the call to go further. We would like ELTEN to communicate its own contribution to a sustainable transformation of the business model even more offensively and in more detail and to implement its own goals as consistently and quickly as possible, so that space and capacity for further initiatives are created.

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