Fakir Clyde

If a vacuum cleaner carries a real name, it needs to be something special. When it comes to the Fakir Clyde, you can see at first glance that it is meant to stick out from the masses. As a vacuum cleaner without dust bag it is nothing exotic any more, but still it needs to do something special. Thus, Fakir has given it a new, stronger motor with an efficiency that is increased about ten per cent. This results in a floor nozzle with edge extraction that reaches the efficiency class A even in the critical hard surfaces test. This tilting nozzle with edge extraction can be used on all surfaces, there is no need to change it. An EPA filter makes sure that 99.91 per cent of all particles stay in the vacuum cleaner.

• New high performance motor creates higher energy efficiency
• Extravagant combination of translucent parts and curved forms
• Perfect cleaning results at the edges and on hard surfaces

• Neuer Hochleistungsmotor ermöglicht bessere Energieeffizienz
• Extravagantes Kombination aus tranzluzenten Bauteilen und geschwungenen Formen
• Optimale Reinigung an Kanten und auf Hartböden

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