The electrical quad bike Artega Karo is not only meant for fun, even if the driving fun is paramount with this ready-for-series-production concept study. The chassis with technologies from motorsports and the removable sound module with Bluetooth connection speak a clear language. This is supported by a torque of 100 Nm and 320 kg of weight. With the Artega Karo, you could also drive to your daily work, because like a scooter, the legs are protected against stones or spray after a heavy rain by broad shields. After driving up to 80 km far, the batteries are re-charged using a standard socket. Although this takes about two and a half hours, it doesn’t mean any problems with sockets or fuse. The Artega Karo is available in three different performance levels up to 45, 85 or 105 km/h.

+  Combination of features from cars, quads and scooters
+  Removable sound module with smart phone connection
+  Powerful electric drive with a range of up to 80 km

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