High Quality, design, functionality and ecology don’t need to exclude one another. This is proven by the Varioline LC-80-Z RLU –solid fuel stove from Lohberger. Cooking, baking, heating the room and delivering additional energy to the heating system is done with only one device. The Varioline is independent from room air and works with wood. Starting with its threefold-glassed viewing window in the combustion chamber over the high quality, brilliant enamelling up to the firmly welded oven corpus the LC-80-Z RLU fulfils highest requirements for quality. During cold daty, the LC-80-Z RLU also supports the main heating system because 5 KW of warmth are delivered to the heating. The straight design, which is also visible in the high-quality stainless steel handles, is attractive, trendy and combines modern kitchen furniture and a comfortable source of warmth in one device. The patented Jetfire System contributes to the environmental friendliness: The bundling of the flames directly over the combustion chamber and the additional intake of fresh air create a turbo effect with high temperatures. Thus, the stove heats faster, the cooking time is reduced. At the same time, the efficiency becomes higher so that the emissions are reduced to the absolute minimum.

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