The Tiltall tripod TC254 is made of carbon, securing stability and quality. In addition, it convinces by ease of use and functionality. The legs of the Tiltall consist of four segments; the upper segments are coated. The locking of the leg segments is done by screw caps. With a maximum load of 8 kg, the TC254 is suitable for mid-sized DSLR cameras and video cameras. To place the camera securely close to the ground, the user can remove the centre column of the TC254 and put out the legs of the tripod nearly horizontally. Thanks to self-locking release buttons, this works fast and easy. If you want to go even closer to the ground, the centre column can be repositioned without using any tools. Besides many setting and adaption options, the Tiltall TC254 features another interesting detail: the rubber foot / spike combination. The even spike is turned out of the rubber cap. Thus, no open thread exists, no dirt can enter.

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