UNOLD Toaster Turbo

The 1,900 to 2,100 watt power of the Unold Toaster Turbo enables it to toast bread slices and buns in only half the time it takes for similar appliances, the manufacturer claims. The patented Turbo-Toast function saves time at breakfast, with possibly nerve-soothing results for busy people. Apart from toasting bread slices, which are automatically centred in both slits, the device can toast, thaw or warm up buns as well as thick or round types of bread on its integrated bun rack. A lifting function removes the need to dangerously prod around in the slit with sharp objects to fish out finished toast. And a LED series shows at a glance which of the eight toasting times is currently set.

+ Double-quick toaster
+ Unusual styling
+ LEDs to check settings

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