Directly derived from the C Coupe GTE studies of 2015, the VW Phideon (which is targeted to the Chinese market) can be regarded as the new face of the luxury class for the top limousines from Volkswagen. With its five meter length and a relatively long wheelbase of three meters, the Phideon offers the real comfort of a chauffeur limousine. At the same time, it offers the driving activity which self-drivers will appreciate. The comfortable equipment includes the modular infotainment kit MIB as well as a full-fledged furnishing of the seats with individual setting in the front and rear, airing and heating and a massage function. The security features are also complete, with little helpers from the parking assistant over the lane-keeping and distance assistant up to the night-vision device in the Head-up display. For the series start-up, TSI gasoline engines are available, a Plug-in-hybrid is currently in the planning stage.

+  Night-vision system with warning against obstacles on the road during darkness and fog
+  Five-meter limousine with the new VW face for top limousines
+  Active driving for self-drivers and extremely comfortable for passengers with chauffeurs

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