An open four-meter SUV – in today`s times of security, the VW T-Cross Breeze concept car is a revolutionary innovation. In the same way innovative as the exterior with its exciting face is the operation, which VW has realized by touch sensitive surfaces instead of buttons. This also includes the “by wire” DSG (controlled by three glass rollers), the electronic parking brake and the adaptive damper setting DCC. Besides the unusual design, the material and processing are as extravagant as a concept car deserves. Formed cord cover, Ceramique artificial leather and polyamide hybrid fibre are new to the seating area, and a laser cut leather perforation in the door underlines the BeatsAudio sound system with 300 W coming out of eight channels. Despite all technology and the necessary stiffenings, the SUV convertible in the spirit of Jeep and Munga weighs only 1.250 kg. Even with a 1.0 TSI engine with 110 horse power, this creates a fast driving performance.

+  Daring mixture of convertible and SUV
+  Touch operation instead of buttons
+  Electronically controlled chassis

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