The WAREMA Venetian blinds have been tested according to the ift standard „VE-07/2 – glass with integrated sun protection“ on 20.000 load changes under the extreme conditions of CC facades. Especially for use in closed cavity facades all components have been optimized to stand the maximum span of temperatures between -5° to +95°, with extremely dry air of only about 3% relative air humidity a the same time. In addition, the Venetian blind has been designed to guarantee an extremely precise slat angle. Venetian blinds for CC facades impress by a filigree slat design without visible lateral guide and can’t be seen any more in the retracted condition. A superior sunblind control guarantees a highly precise slat turning by an integrated feedback on the position and an electronic slat tracking. Thus, the Venetian blinds are perfectly adapted to the conditions of a CC façade.

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