• The Day of the Brand

  • The Day of the Brand

  • The Day of the Brand

The Day of the Brand

Brands with the power of innovation are in the focus for the Plus X Award. The manufacturers and service providers who have won quality seals provide valuable orientation for consumers. And the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle offers space for the messages of those brands with the great Day of the Brand.

Talk in the German Bundestag

Strong brands, strong messages: For the great Day of the Brands on 5th July, the Plus X Award focuses on companies who shine with their special power of innovation – and provides a space as large as never before for the most successful ones in different TV-shows, presenting their messages. In the shows, Donat Brandt, founder and president of the Plus X Award, talks with high-level decision-makers from different industries about trend reversals, future-looking technologies and changes on the marketplace.

The most innovative Brands of the Year

For the Day of the Brand, the Plus X Award focuses on brands whose products convince with a special force of innovation: the most innovative brands of the year, who could also convince the expert jury with their products in the respective groups. The “Most innovative Brand“ is the highest award which the Plus X Award hands over every year.

Brand of the Year

Starting from 5th July onwards, those companies who will receive the “Brand of the Year” award will be revealed. They are the role models of the industries who represent the Plus X Award. For the 15th anniversary, the jury of the Plus X Award could hand out as many brand awards as never before. With the high-end “Best brand of the Year”-Award, the Plus X Award provides orientation for the purchasing decisions of consumers: Consumers are able to recognize fast and clearly, which brands represent quality.

Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2018, the special award has been handed out for the first time: Proud winner is Gunter Kürten, who held top positions in important companies in the consumer electronics industries in the last years and fulfilled his life’s dream by buying the Thorens brand.


Sustainability is also playing a growing role: Protecting ressources and taking responsibility is what’s asked for from companies. The manufacturer of prefabricated houses, Bien-Zenker, leads by example and shows how to turn “taking responsibility” into action, e.g. with his bee meeting house.

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