Most innovative Brands 2022

PLUS X AWARD announces the Most Innovative Brands of 2022

PLUS X AWARD announces the Most Innovative Brands of 2022

For the nineteenth time, PLUS X AWARD, the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, will present its most important award, the “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” Award in 2022. After extensive and critical review by the PLUS X AWARD judges in the 2021/2022 Late Jury, those brands that have managed to be awarded the most seals of approval in their product group throughout the award year will be crowned Most Innovative Brands of the Year.

The PLUS X AWARD organizers, jurors, partners and ambassadors are aware of
the outstanding performance of the most innovative brands of the year and
therefore congratulate them warmly on this extraordinary award.

As a constant fixture for the end consumer, the industry and the trade, it has been the task of the PLUS X AWARD to provide orientation and support for nineteen years now. In none of the previous years, however, has it been as difficult for companies to deliver outstanding innovative performance as it has been this year. For two years now, the pandemic with its far-reaching effects has presented the industry with enormous challenges. In addition, global conflicts have arisen that have also had a massive impact on industry. To not only master such a bundled problem situation, but to create innovations and show market stability out of it, represents a particularly outstanding achievement, which is honored with the award for ‘Most Innovative Brand of the Year’. This award is thus given to all those brands that, despite the adverse conditions, always act with zeal and with great courage on the pulse of the times, opening new paths and providing inspiration for consumers and the industry with their tireless spirit of innovation.

                                                            – Donat Brandt, President of PLUS X AWARD


The PLUS X AWARD’s solid gold trophy for the “Most Innovative Brand” is thus
symbolic of the recognition and appreciation of the special achievements of those brands and is considered an achievement for the brand itself.

With the start of the Early Jury, the PLUS X AWARD jurors can once again count on a multitude of innovative and trend-setting products, product series and services which, after being successfully honored, not only point out their added value to the end consumers themselves through the PLUS X AWARD seal of approval, but also stand for the exclusivity of the brands and companies behind them.

11 brands are Most Innovative Brand in 2022

BURG-WÄCHTER, Electrical & Media Technology
ELTEN, Garden & Power Tools
VESTEL, Small Home & Large Home Appliances
MEDION, IT/ IOT/ Telecommunication/ Photo
REMINGTON, Health & Personal Care
VAILLANT, Sanitary & Air Conditioning
DOYMA, Construction Material
CHIQ, Home Entertainment
VOLVO, Automotive
X-BIONIC, Sport & Lifestyle

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