Most Innovative brands of 2023

PLUS X AWARD announces the most innovative brands of 2023

PLUS X AWARD announces the most innovative brands of 2023.

PLUS X AWARD has announced the most innovative manufacturers of the year whose products have received the most seals of approval in their product group. The winners will be honoured with the coveted award “Most Innovative Brand of the year 2023”.

The award is a recognition of the outstanding performance and innovation of the award winners, who significantly influence the market with their products and improve the lives of consumers. Only a few brands receive this exclusive special award each year, which can be used for the entire brand and any product.

In addition to the “Most Innovative Brand of the year 2023” award, the winners receive a golden trophy weighing around seven kilograms as a sign of their outstanding performance.

“The Most Innovative Brand of the year 2023 award is an important milestone for the winners and confirms their reputation as leading innovators in the industry. We look forward to following their future developments and recognising their achievements.”

– Donat Brandt, President of PLUS X AWARD

These are the Most Innovative Brands of 2023 in their product groups:

APANI – Sportswear
babybay – Family & Child
DoorBird – Electrical & Media Technology
fröling – Sanitary & Air Conditioning
Mammotion – garden technology
MATRIX – Sports equipment
Remington – Health & Personal Care
Russel Hobbs – Small & large electrical appliances
Schwabenhaus – Houses
Tojo – Furnishing
VESTEL – Consumer Electronics

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