PLUS X AWARD Day of the Brand 2019

PLUS X AWARD celebrates Day of the Brand!

Day of the Brand 2019 focussed again on the most innovative brands

Innovation was again the motto of this year’s PLUS X AWARD Day of the Brand on 10 July 2019. Dictionaries simply define innovation as “a new idea or method”. But Donat Brandt, founder and president of PLUS X AWARD, brought this brief definition to life in his discussions with industry personalities and representatives of the most innovative brands. PLUS X AWARD also presented, for the seventh time in its history, the Lifetime Achievement Award to Prof. Dr. Bodo Lambertz of X-Bionic.

Those brands which fully convinced the PLUS X AWARD panel of jurors with their power of innovation were given an impressive Forum: PLUS X AWARD produced the “Brands in Focus” TV program in the historic building of the former German Parliament in Bonn.

In six interviews, Donat Brandt talks with those top decision makers of brands, who know exactly what to do when it comes to innovation. What does our future look like? Which areas of our lives will digitalisation and artificial intelligence soon become an integral part of? Which technologies will make our lives easier? Which challenges do we have to overcome yet? How can we lead sustainable lives? All these are highly topical issues which not only brands and enterprises face these days, but which also concern today’s consumers. From 24 Jul 2019, these business talks will be broadcast on ANIXE HD, the free European TV channel, on Wednesdays at 8.45 pm.


Tomorrow, today’s trends will be yesterday’s trends. That’s why, in our business talks, top decision makers, representatives of the most innovative brands and I will be looking at the bigger picture and we will be looking into the future together. Experts from a variety of industries, such as, for example, automotive, sports and lifestyle or smart homes, will be making tomorrow’s world more accessible to our viewers and will give them an insight into future trends. Also, environmental protection and sustainability are no longer future concerns, but they are very real and of immediate relevance to all of us. In our talks we will therefore also touch on sustainability as a criterion for consumers when selecting a product and expand on the theme as we are talking. All these are highly interesting subjects both for our viewers and for me as the host of these talks.

– Donat Brandt, president of PLUS X AWARD –


One of the highlights of these TV programmes is the “Lifetime Achievement Award”, which PLUS X AWARD has been presenting for the seventh time in its 16-year history. Sir James Dyson (2007), Prof. Amar G. Bose (2008), Noel Lee (2012), Peter Skak Olufsen (2013), Prof. Hartmut Esslinger (2015) and, most recently, Dieter Burmester (2016) received the award for their unique ideas, their diligence and their dedication. This year it was Prof. Dr. Bodo Lambertz, founder of X-Bionic and a passionate researcher and inventor, who received this most exclusive award for his lifetime achievement. His X-socks are the basis of his success. With his unrivalled approach to breathable activewear he defended his discovery against the generally accepted idea of sportswear having to direct sweat away from the skin and so his activewear makes use of the naturally intended cooling function of sweat.

And he was to be rewarded for his grit and stamina. X-Bionic now boast 800 patents and their 600 international awards, top ratings and world-wide sales are ultimate proof of perfection, innovation and success. And so Donat Brandt invited Prof. Dr. Bodo Lambertz to a special issue of “Brands in Focus” to talk with him about his exciting history, his current projects and visions of the future.

The „Most Innovative Brand of the Year“ award is awarded to those brands which have received the highest number of PLUS X AWARD seals of approval in their product group. The following brands have received this award in 2019:


ARAG, Service Provider

BEURER, Health & Personal Care


ELTEN, Workwear & Power Tools

GRUNDIG, Home Entertainment

KLUDI, Sanitary & Air Conditioning

LÄSSIG, Family & Kids


MERTEN, Electrical & Media Technology

VESTEL, Small Home and Large Home Appliances

VOLKSWAGEN, Automotive

X-BIONIC, Sports and Lifestyle

Press pictures from Day of the Brand 2019:

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