Plus X Award launches „Innovations for today and tomorrow“ start-up initiative

Plus X Award launches „Innovations for today and tomorrow“ start-up initiative

Peter Bornschein, business consultant and digital expert, chairs funding programme.

Today, Plus X Award has officially announced the starting date for a start-up funding programme. From 15 November, the start of the next Plus X Award registration period, start-ups can participate in the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, at considerably reduced registration fees.
Plus X Award provides the sum of €200,000 to subsidize registrations from 100 start-ups. Apart from the financial aspect, the “Innovations for today and tomorrow” initiative is to provide a platform for exchanges and connections between start-ups and established enterprises.
Peter Bornschein, leading consultant of iic solutions corporate consulting, IoT and digitalisation expert as well as Plus X Award jury panel member for the service sector, has been appointed chair of the funding programme. Apart from coordinating the initiative in general, his task is to establish strategic co-operations together with Sebastian Starck, marketing director of Plus X Award.

“Start-ups are full of ideas and enthusiasm. Their founders distinguish themselves through innovative business ideas and solutions to problems and their courage to take entrepreneurial risks. Plus X Award is determined to intensify its support of founders of innovative start-ups and to accompany them during their development in order to honour such entrepreneurial grit. The seven seals of approval and close contact with industry and investors are an ideal platform for founders to further develop and publicise their products and business models”, says Peter Bornschein about the new project. Donat Brandt, president of Plus X Award, is also looking forward to the upcoming activities under the umbrella of the initiative. “The initiative now also gives enterprises which might currently not have the financial capabilities for licensing the opportunity to obtain one or more of the seven seals of approval. Also, I am very happy that we were able to win Peter Bornschein, a proven expert in the field, who not only has a superb network but also has a thorough insight into and knowledge of the subject of start-ups outside the current hype.”

From 15 November, the start of the Main Jury phase, Plus X Award’s most important registration and participation period, start-ups and any other enterprises can register their products in the 25 product groups.

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