The new Master-Garten “XtremCut S1” high-performance pruning shear is characterised by two innovative construction attributes. The spiral spring continues medial and parallel, because the anvil-blade got an additional joint. At the Master-Garten XtremCut high-performance shear the power is transmitted for the first time over two axes. A reduced weight caused by using fibre-glass reinforced plastics (with only 170 and 225 g overall weight) is paired in the Master-Garten XtremCut with modern ergonometrics. Small and very handy means to get the desired result much faster: the clean, easily made and power-saving cut. The enormous potential of the Master-Garten XtremCut high-performance shear S1 (due to the use of the second axis), which allows even cutting hard woods as if, in comparison to all conventional single-axis cutters, fresh green, soft wood would be.

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