The Slider sharpening aid from Wüsthof – designed by the specialists from Team Tentakulus – is an innovation, which also convinces with its design, high quality and functionality. The product targets at creating an evenly sharp blade. Therefore, the blade of the knife is fixated in a stainless steel wedge and prevented from moving by a silicone mattress. The bottom of the wedge features ceramics inserts, which help the knife to glide over the grinding stone. That way, misuse is nearly impossible, the knifes keep their cutting quality for a long time. By combining stainless steel and black silicone, the Slider is a valuable part of every kitchen also in its design.The Team Tentakulus, located in Cologne, has been doing product design, room concepts, fair presentations and more since 2007. Together with its clients, it develops its projects in an integrative, dialogue-oriented way.

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