The Most Innovative Brands of 2020

PLUS X AWARD announces most innovative brands of 2020

13 brands are awarded the Most Innovative Brand Award 2020

PLUS X AWARD is announcing the winners of the most important award for 2020. Now that the Late Jury of 2019/2020 has assessed all registered products, product series and services, the most innovative brands of 2020 are ready to be announced. This extremely important and most sought-after PLUS X AWARD recognition is being awarded for the seventeenth time this year. It honours all those participants whose products have received the most seals of approval in their product group throughout the year.

Jurors, organisers, partners and brand ambassadors of the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle congratulate these brands on their outstanding achievements.


PLUS X AWARD points consumers into the direction of the most innovative brand of the year highlighting those brands who keep reinventing themselves and who successfully face the challenges of the zeitgeist. As a result, ever-innovating product solutions offer consumers strong added-value, enjoyable products for particularly sustainable applications and uses. In these times, it is of utmost importance to reflect on principles such as quality and sustainability. And it is such brands that have understood that we have to be open for self-reflexion and expansion. We are currently experiencing a high degree of uncertainty, not only in an economic and business context. Day by day, however, industry and retail are confronted with enormously reluctant consumers. In its seventeen-year history, it has always been important for PLUS X AWARD to be a supportive authority for industry and trade in sending strong impulses to their markets. And therefore it is essential, particularly in these times of crises, to honour those manufacturers who are always courageous and determined to break new ground and present new, sustainable solutions. In doing so, they set inspiring examples and send clear messages of the strength and the innovative power of their industries,

– Donat Brandt, founder and president of PLUS X AWARD.


This year, the traditional Day of the Brand with its TV talk shows and awards ceremony in the prestigious building of former German Parliament in Bonn can regrettably not be held due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Protecting the health of PLUS X AWARD’s partners is a top priority.

Yet despite these exceptional circumstances, PLUS X AWARD will shortly start its Early Jury on 15 July 2020 with its first registration period for 2020/2021. This will again give companies and brands the opportunity to present their innovative products, product series and services to PLUS X AWARD’s jurors. After their successful participation, the seals of approval will allow companies and brands to draw consumer attention efficiently and swiftly to their products’ exceptional added value.

The Most Innovative Brands of 2020

ARAG, Service Provider

BURG-WÄCHTER, Electrical & Media Technology

ELTEN, Garden & Power Tools

GRAEF, Small Home & Large Home Appliances

HARTAN, Family & Kids

MEDION, IT/ IOT/ Telecommunication/ Photo

MEDISANA, Health & Personal Care


SOMMERAUER, Sanitary & Air Conditioning

STARWOOD, Construction Material

VESTEL, Home Entertainment

VOLKSWAGEN, Automotive

X-BIONIC, Sport & Lifestyle

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