• The Day of the Brand

  • The Day of the Brand

  • The Day of the Brand

The Day of the Brand

Brands and their innovative power focus on future developments and certainly have an impact on consumers’ buying decisions. PLUS X AWARD, the largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle, provides a very special stage for brand messages: The Day of the Brand.

Talks at German Parliament

PLUS X AWARD’s founder and president will meet top decision makers and the representatives of the most innovative brands of 2019 for exciting business talks in the historic building of the former German Parliament in Bonn the great “Day of the Brand” on 10 July. What is the innovative power of brands? How do brands respond to market changes? What are the trends of the future? How can we lead sustainable lives?

The most innovative Brands of the Year

On the Day of the Brand, PLUS X AWARD focuses on brands which are particularly innovative: the most innovative manufacturers of the year who also impressed the expert panel of jurors in their respective product groups. “Most innovative Brand” is the most prestigious award conferred by PLUS X AWARD every year.

Best Brand of the Year

The companies which were awarded „Best Brand of the Year“ have now been announced. They are the hallmark of their industries, which reflect PLUS X AWARD’s highest standards. With its quality award of “Best brand of the Year” PLUS X AWARD supports consumers in making their buying decision: consumers quickly recognize without any doubt which brands do stand for quality.

Seventh Lifetime Achievement Award

At the 2019 Day of the Brand and for the seventh time in its history, PLUS X AWARD recognizes a top entrepreneur for his lifetime achievement. Professor Dr. Bodo Lambertz, innovator and creator of the X-Bionic brand, has revolutionised sportswear with his bionic-inspired technology. The presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Lambertz will be a highlight of the TV programme.

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