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It is Plus X Award’s aim, at regular intervals, to recognize extraordinary achievements which signify outstanding technological milestones. For the Plus X Award’s jury panel, the development of the Volkswagen C Coupé GTE was one of those milestones.

Today, design is a distinctive feature, if not the most important one, of a brand. Design determines the value of a product, from the alluring charm of the first contact, to satisfaction and comfort in every-day use, right to medium and long-term perception both in the eyes of its owner and other people. With such an exposed object like an automobile, the element of design takes on ever-increasing significance, which makes it more and more difficult to create and design a successful product. To appeal to a large number of potential customers, but to still fulfil the expectations and requirements of an individual, is the art of successful product design – and who knows this dilemma better than one of the most successful and therefore best-known car manufacturers? Over decades, Volkswagen has developed a brand identity and, despite varying trends, has never lost sight of it, even to the contrary. From the big picture to attention to detail, from the vehicle’s silhouette to increasingly important lighting signature features, inherently consistent design concepts unite functionality and emotion in a big way. Recently presented in Shanghai, the “C Coupé GTE” concept car is proof of the design team’s skills to interpret the manufacturer’s scalable but refined current automotive design language.

All these qualities and achievements convinced the Plus X Award’s international jury panel to honour Volkswagen’s design team with the special “Design Team of the Year” award.

Are you the design team of the year?

Secure your chance to receive the “Design Team of the Year” award and request your participation form for the submission of your products without obligation and present yourself and your products to the recognized and independent jury of the Plus X Award.

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