ABUS’s security camera WLAN Akku Cam does not only convince users by its appealing design but also by its high quality. This is not only noticeable in the way materials are manufactured bot also in its high resolution and quality of the pictures and videos it records. These are transferred immediately into a cloud where they are encrypted and then sent to the basis station. Live recordings can be accessed directly via “App2 Cam Plus” app. Thanks to the new mounting system the camera can be installed safely and quickly and is protected against sabotage. A battery life of up to 13 month and a fast charge function offer high comfort to the user.

+ up to 13 month battery life
+ 4 hours fast charge function
+ Full HD resolution with a wide-angle of 120°
+ two-way intercom
+ Landscape type (horizontal design of the gadget)
+ App2Cam Plus

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