BEULCO IQ Waterguard digital water meter

The digital water meter IQ Waterguard of the brand BEULCO offers the end user an added value, which was only available to utility companies with conventional digital water meters or meter units with pulse interfaces. Until now, end users have only passively benefited from digital water meters in the form of radio readings. With the IQ Waterguard, however, current consumption overviews can additionally be retrieved, water consumption and water costs optimized, and monitoring costs reduced. In addition, the functionality of the device is guaranteed even without the Internet and it can be used without registration. Thus, the protection of personal consumption data can be ensured. Accordingly, the IQ Waterguard is not only innovative, it is also easy to install and operate, functional and ecological thanks to its overviews and cost-benefit optimization.

+ emergency alarm
+ easy installation
+ efficient control of consumption values

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