BURG-WÄCHTER Wandleser secuENTRY 7074 Transponder Extender

The Burg-Wächter wall reader secuENTRY 7074 Transponder Extender is part of the Burg-Wächter door locking system and works as a kind of remote control for the door locks. Operation is easy: A transponder, which has the right to open the respective door, is held in front of the wall reader until a signal goes off. Then, the door can be opened. The transponder extender can also be used to open a lock from a distance of up to four metres. With its discreet design, it integrates neatly into different environments.

+ remote control for Burg-Wächter door locking system
+ data security of the Bluetooth connection with AES encryption
+ opening of the door with transponder or from a distance up to 4 metres

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