CARRERA Omni-Mixer No. 655

For chopping, blending and cooking foods and drinks whether icy cold or piping hot, the Carrera Omnimixer No. 655 is the ideal kitchen assistant. A 550 watt motor and a 1,000 watt heating element provide optimal preconditions for preparing tasty dishes. Besides the elegant exterior with its unitary family resemblance to other Carrera products, another major feature is its functionality. A LED display provides information about the selected programme, the remaining time and major functions, and more ingredients can be added at any time through a special opening in the lid. Steam cooking is a further option, and the stylish appliance is easy to clean with the help of a special cleaning mode.

+ Unitary design of the product family
+ Blending, chopping and cooking functions with integrated heating element
+ LED display for excellent monitoring and control

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