CHiQ KFR-35WG / Q6C+R1

KFR-35WG/Q6C+R1 is a healthy sleepcare air conditioner that is able to long-termly keep inside clean with the dust proof antibacterial system consisting of the sealed structure, the self-cleaning technology and the antibacterial material. The product with active-adapting smart sleepcare technology can build a cozy sleeping condition by adjusting the temperature, air flow intensity, air direction and lowering the volume down to 16db according to the interior environment and the status of user’s sleep. It delivers air in an left-right angle of 160°, an upward angle of 21° and a downward angle of 85° for a better balance of interior temperature and to give warm air the achieve the best way of spreading.

+ dust proof antibacterial system
+ active-adapting smart sleepcare technology
+ low volume down to 16db

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