CITROËN e-Berlingo

The Citroen e-Berlingo is an all-electric car with a comprehensive functionality. Thanks to the design of its doors and the large, low tailgate, it is very easy to load and unload the car as well get into it and out of it. The models M and XL both feature a 50 kWh strong battery and 136 hp (100 kW). The e-Berlingo (model XL) drives up to 285 km with one charging. The Free2Move app with the “Charge My Car” service offers numerous functions, e.g. the access to 220,000 charging station, indicates compatible charging points and provides an easy travel planning. Three drive modes – Normal, Eco and Power – adapt the driving style to the requirements and create an efficient use.

+ all-electric car in two different variations
+ specific user interface for the electric drive
+ easy loading and unloading as well as boarding and alighting

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