ENGEL Serie X-Treme

The X-treme series from ENGEL offers a high level of comfort, functionality and a particularly sporty look. Thanks to the fresh and sporty design, the X-treme series from ENGEL can be worn all day. With the X-treme series, ENGEL has created a hybrid between work and leisure that offers the comfort, functionality and safety that you need during a hectic working day. Mechanical stretch is the result of a special weaving technique that gives the fabric a unique elasticity and durability. Clothing with mechanical stretch can be washed repeatedly at 60 degrees without affecting the elasticity. Even after frequent daily kneeling and bending over during working hours and frequent washing at 60 degrees, the elasticity is retained and the pants have no broken elastic threads, as can often be the case with spandex. Clothing with mechanical stretch offers the craftsman optimal freedom of movement and a modern design that retains its shape.

+ Increased wearing comfort with mechanical stretch
+ Slim fit
+ Ergonomically shaped knees
+ Breathable material in the back of the knees and on the inner seam
+ Reinforced hem at the bottom of the legs guarantees high wear resistance
+ Reflective strips on the back of the legs increase visibility

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