Fakir S 250

When it comes to ideal working conditions, weight and size are not the top priority. Thus, the Fakir S250 supertronic is a real vacuum cleaner bolide with nearly nine kilogrammes of weight. For this, it offers the power of an 800 W motor and a dust bag volume of 4.5 litres. A complete filter system makes sure that the air, which is sucked in, is nearly fully washed when it leaves the S250. With the micro vario cassett with a HEPA filter, the five-layer micro fleece bag, a micro main filter and a micro exhaust air filter as well as with an circumferential bristle border at the suction nozzle, Fakir has created an efficient air washing system. In addition, the large casing offers also enough space for the extensive complete set of different nozzle attachments.

• Complete nozzle equipment on board
• Hygienic, complex filter system
• Powerful suction motor

• Komplette Düsenausrüstung an Bord
• Hygienisches, aufwändiges Filtersystem
• Kräftiger Saugmotor

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