GUTFELS LR 67015 we

Fresh air has always been a basis for good life quality. This is provided by the design air filter and humidifier LR 67015 we by Gutfels. Equipped with a four times filter technology using HEPA, activated carbon, cold catalyst as well as antibacterial filters as well as a 1.7 liters water tank, it counteracts unpleasant air particles and enables 99.996 % air filtration. Air is being filtered effectively which puts an end to bacteria, viruses, grey, dust and allergenics. By doing so the GS/CE certified device works at a maximum volume of 18-55 dBA. A display gives information about the air quality.

+ 4 times filter technology
+ 1.7 liters water tank
+ GS/CE certified
+ maximum volume 18-55 dBA

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