The toilet seats “Evolution” from Haro fulfil highest requirements for quality and design. The product design represents the essence of a toilet seat. It is reduced to the absolute necessary, thus looking puristic and clean. The new design language with the clear lining is the perfect add-on for modern, slim, universal toilet ceramics. Besides the design, quality has been in the development focus right from the start. Stainless steel and best Duroplast hard plastic guarantee the longevity in the same way as a new generation of hinges and absorbers. The material is robust, lasts long and keeps its strong shine. The pore-free, extremely flat surface creates best hygiene. It is skin friendly and has been produced without any harmful ingredients. At the same time, it is easy to clean and resistant against scratches. Thorough tests include the raw materials as well as uncompromising load- und breaking tests. They are the reason why the toilet seats Evolution fulfil requirements above the relevant DIN 19516.

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