The Klafs dry salt inhalation device Microsalt SaltProX is an innovative Product, which also features high quality, ease of use and functionality. For the Microsalt SaltPro X, Klafs has put its own, proven technology into a compact device for consumers. The device works with batteries and can thus be easily retrofit into existing saunas or infrared cabins. All parts are high quality and manufactured for a long lifetime; if needed, they can be exchanged. Mounting works easy with a wall mounting. The control works based on the same logic as for other Klafs products, so that the user doesn’t need to learn a new system. The Microsalt SaltProX dry salt inhalation device produces an extremely fine salt aerosol. This does not only mean a good distribution in the room, but also has positive effects for the airways and the skin. The salt concentration is indicated using a colour system.

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