LG cordzero

The LG CordZero cordless vacuum cleaner from LG offers innovation, high quality, ease of use and functionality and fulfills – last but not least – ecological requirements as well. The LG Cord Zero makes handling easy because it operates without power cable. Instead of re-plugging the cord on and off during vacuuming, the user can move from room to room without any restrictions. This saves time and is comfortable at the same time. The CordZero features a PowerPack Lithium-Ion battery with 200 W consumption for 40 minutes of permanent operation. With the unique RoboSense technology from LG, the CordZero is the first vacuum cleaner, which is able to recognise the user at the handle and follow him with its own drive in a constant distance. The Smart Inverter drive from LG is 28 percent smaller in average, 22 percent lighter and 13 percent more efficient than standard vacuum cleaner drives.

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