medisana TT 205 / TT 200

TENS, EMS and massage with multiple programmes which you can all find in only one device. The TT 205/200 by medisana enables electrotherapy for different parts of the body, such as neck, shoulders, arms, the hands, the back, the belly, legs, feet or your hips. For all the body parts, there are three different massage programmes adjustable: kneading, rubbing or patting. All in all, the TT 205 offers 60 programmes, 41 supporting programmes as well as 19 adjustable TENS, EMS and massage programmes. The big display ensures readability, and the rechargeable 500 mA Li-Ion battery enables uncomplicated reuse.

+ TENS, EMS and massage programmes
+ three massage programmes
+ big display
+ 500 mA Li-Ion battery

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