While others still think about how to make autonomous driving reality, the developers at Mercedes already are the decisive step ahead. How do we use – in its positive meaning – “the left to itself” car in the future and – even more important – how does this car interact with its environment. The “F 015 Luxury in Motion” study transfers the fundamental research of Mercedes into a pioneering concept. The car communicates with its environment via light and sound, informs pedestrians about possible dangers. Already in the near future, this interface between machine and environment will have more importance than the technology inside; it is the decisive step towards a broad acceptance of autonomous driving. This is not about feasibility, but about the integration in today’s and tomorrow’s traffic scenarios, from overland tours to shared space in densely populated towns. In addition, the communication elements of the F 015 show how conventional cars can interact with their environment – an indispensable element in the light of the growing number of assistance systems and part-autonomous functionality.

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