The mop and vacuum robot Narwal T10 cleans floors thoroughly and reliably. In addition, it features an integrated system, which cleans the mops by itself. The Narwal T10 consists of the cleaning robot and the base station with a two-tank system to separate the wastewater from clean water. An in-built pump sprays the mops, a washboard cleans them. The Narwal T10 also cleans the mops. With its navigation and mapping system, the Narwal T10 creates an optimized cleaning routine. Changing from vacuum to mopping robot is easy thanks to a magnetic built. All settings of the Narwal T10 can be controlled via the Narwal Robotics app.

+ mopping and vacuum robot with cleaning function for the mopps
+ two tanks with 5 litres each for 300 m2 cleaning area
+ easy changing from vacuuming to mopping function

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