With its Compact models of the top smart phone series Xperia, one manufacturer swims against the tide – Sony. The Sony Xperia Z5 Compact with its smaller measurements offers nearly the same hardware equipment like its “grown-up” siblings Z5 and Z5 Premium. The handy, suitable for the trouser pocket 4.6-inch large smart phone features a fast Octacore processor from Qualcomm. With their 23 and 5 mega pixel, the cameras belong to the best the market has to offer. They do not only provide impressive images, but can also deliver high-quality 4K-videos with their 25mm focal length. At first touch, all this technology comes second: Matted glass and metal create a haptic feeling that many users of other smart phones will envy.

+   Impressive haptic feeling thanks to metal and glass
+   Water-proof casing
+   High imaging quality

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