Stressless Legend

„Stressless Legend“ by EKORNES/Stressless has been designed as a comfortable home cinema solution. The specifically developed foam material and the Stressless sip system take care that the sofa smoothly adapts to the body. This creates the special degree of comfort. The sofa reacts to smallest movements of the body. You don’t need any effort to change the seating position – with each movement the sofa adapts itself. The tailor-made home cinema solutions fit into every room. More than 100 different colours of luxurious leather or tissue are available to ensure that the sofa fits perfectly well to every kind of furniture. The unique upholstery of the Stressless Legend caresses and supports the body and immediately creates a luxurious feeling of complete relaxation. Key is the adjustment wheel for the Stressless slip system, which needs only to be adjusted once according to the user’s need. Each single sofa seat features its own slip system.

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