TANOS Mobile Werkstatt MW 1000

The mobile workshop MW1000 by Tanos offers the workshop at the building site for the craftsman. The system consists of a pull-out drawer and a table, which can be transport-proof fixed to the basis. The compact unit convinces with its well-thought-through design and ease of use. The adjustable handle makes building and dismantling easy and is needed for folding away the workshop. Thanks to its chassis, the MW1000 can also be used on stairs; a carrying handle makes it easy to load the MW1000 into the car. Unfolded, table and basis form one level, so that also larger and longer parts can be easily worked at; adjustable feet secure the stand.

+ mobile workshop for use on building sites
+ use of high-end materials such as ABS, aluminium and MDF
+ design adapted to mobile use

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