X-BIONIC® Dragonfly Trisuit 5G

Derived from the aerodynamic characteristics of the dragonfly, X-BIONIC® has integrated these into the Dragonfly Trisuit 5G through the “Dragonfly Technology System”. On the suit, microcells of the dragonfly’s wing were replicated in order to create a layer that reduces aerodynamic friction. The integrated Bike Pad is added in manually in order to enable the optimal fit and the highest quality. Temperature regulating technologies were integrated on the back so that the user can reach the best performance and at the same time makes a stylish impression. Thanks to the practical zip fastener and the active band on the leg, the Trisuit fits optimally. While running, the 3D Bionic Sphere® system cools down the body with its ThermoSysphon® technology.

+ aerodynamic Dragonfly Technology System
+ integrated Bike Bad
+ 3D BionicSphere® and ThermoSysphon®

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