High quality, design and ease of use come with the ear thermometer FT 78 from Beurer. It has been developed as a non-invasive thermometer for the exact, secure and fast temperature measurement in the auditory canal of children and adults. The clear design, kept in grey and white, supports the easy handling. The start button on the top side and the On-/Off-Memory switch on the bottom operate the FT 78 comfortably. Acoustic signals can be switched on or off, the temperature units changed and the stored measurements accessed. Nine storage spaces are available. Protective caps guarantee a secure, hygienic measurement. The measurement itself takes only a few seconds. The end of the measurement is announced by a short sound, the temperature displayed on the LC display. Thanks to the whitely backlit display, it is easy to read. If the temperature is above 37.5 °C, this is signaled by four short sounds and the display blinks. If the temperaturs is above 42.2 °C, the display shows a „Hi“ and gives four short sounds again. The FT 78 is battery-operated; if the thermometer is not in use for 60 seconds, it automatically switches off.

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