Biancodipuro Vase Nutri De Blender

Speed, power and a special, ripped design at the inside of the blender made of Tritan plastic make sure, that all ingredients in the Bianco di Puro Vase Nutri di Blender are evenly and, if needed, finely crushed. Depending on the container, 0.6 or one liter of up to 125 degrees hot soup can be prepared simply by rotating the knife with its six blades. The programmes or the pulse button make sure, that the content stays cool if cold drinks such as Smoothies or shakes are being prepared. With its performance and the speed of rotation, the Vase Nutri di Blender shall be able to break up plant cells in such a way that all nutrients are released and can be fully consumed by the body.

• 800 Watt and 24.500 t/min with an Intelligent Power Management System for low speed
• Elegant design with a central operation wheel
• Ten rotation levels and pulse function as well as three pre-set programmes

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