The Gastroback Vital Mixer Plus brings health into the kitchen. The robust casing of stainless steel, the 850 Watt motor and the six times knife made of stainless steel as well as the two speed levels and the pulse function guarantee powerful mixing. The borosilicate glass jug is resistant against heat and cold, holds 1.5 litres and has a practical self-cleaning function. For better protection, the Vital Mixer Plus is equipped with the security locking system “Safety Interlock”, because it is a machine of high power: from 18.000 up to 21.000 revolutions per minute it cuts and crushes even hard vegetables, fruits and even nuts in a trice.

+ robust casing and six times knife made of stainless steel
+ 850 Watt motor
+ heat and cold resisting 1.5 litre borosilicate glass jug
+ security locking system “Safety Interlock”

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