The HPK-VR by GILLES is a highly-efficient, wood chip-burning boiler that features the latest moving grate technology. The extra-large gasification chamber is made of industrial ceramic and works on the basis of the direct pass principle. Gases remain in the combustion chamber for a long time to guarantee a clean burning process. Thanks to the variable-speed induced draught fan and constant monitoring and adjustment of the air quantity, efficiency rates of up to 95.4% can be achieved at all performance levels. The boiler is cleaned automatically by means of a special drive. The fully tested, solid metal rotary feeder reliably separates the heating room from the storage room, thereby ensuring 100% protection against backburning. The impeller blades are set at an angle to the rotation axis, which enhances cutting performance to make it possible to burn difficult, slag-forming fuels such as wood chips with high levels of moisture, bark or needles, corn cobs, rapeseed straw, miscanthus etc.

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