HOMA San.iQ cut V

The toilet sewage lifting unit San.iQ cut V has been specifically designed for pre-wall installation. It transports wasterwater and faeces at a temperature of 35°C – and at 60°C for a short time also – and discharges it below the sewer backwater level. When used with hung toilets, the model can be easily installed behind the pre-wall, as it features a small width. Thus, the system is outside the view of the user. The San.iQ cut V offers the option to connect an external ventilation to prevent ventilation into the pre-wall and thus also prevent humidity and odour. The integrated Barracuda cutting system made of stainless steel cuts solid substances, the inclination prevents deposits.

+ toilet sewage lifting unit for pre-wall installation
+ easy maintenance by removing the motor and control unit
+ powerful activated carbon filter to prevent bad odours

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