Lux Aeroguard 4 S

Starting from the noiseless operation in a sleeping room up to the high-performance air cleaning in full rooms, the Lux Aeroguard 4S fulfills every job automatically or by simply turning the only operation element. It is the first device of its kind with the double functionality of air cleaner and humidifier and shows the conditions and its operation mode via a double display. The air is cleaned allergy-friendly with a Swiss HEPA filter and Duotron, a double ionization of the room air to remove bacteria. At the same time, the automatic humidifier function can control the humidity according to the user’s needs. The Lux Aeroguard 4S can also be operated with a remote control and can aromatize the air with additional fragrances according to personal taste and mood.
+   Noiseless operation
+   Cleaning by HEPA filter and humidification
+   Easy operation with turn button

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