Marmite Yuka

The Marmite Yuka shower tray is a high quality product with convincing design and functionality. Inspired by nature, it merges features of wood and stone – a seemingly cold dolomite rock is softened by a matt structure of wood. The basis for this is formed by a mat made from hand-brushed larch wood, which results in an anti-slip effect at the same time. Yuka is made of durable cast marble which is resistant to scratches and ageing processes. During the manufacturing process, dolomite powder is mixed with polymer resin, which gives the final flexibility and strength. The material is a composite that merges all important technological features of its ingredients. The material absorbs warmth, thus guaranteeing the comfort while showering. The Yuka shower tray is available in different sizes and in three colour ranges: black, white and stone grey. It is safe for user, compliance with the European Standard EN 14688:2006.

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