Moneual RS500

Cleaning is nice – if you don’t have to do it yourself. The Moneual Everybot RS500 is a wiping robot, which does this work. Two rotating mops made of micro fibre do 130 turns per minute, thus cleaning the floor. At the same time, the two turntables create the movement in the room. This room is cleaned according to six different algorithms or manually with the remote control. Sensors prevent the Everybot RS500 against bumping into obstacles or walls (bumper sensor) or falling off stairs (fall sensor) In addition, a light sensor makes sure that the Everybot stays clearly visible instead of a dark corner after it has fulfilled its task or the batteries are empty. Two 60 milliliter containers make sure that both mops stay humid enough to take up dirt for about 30 minutes. After cleaning, they can be easily rinsed.

• Automatic cleaning of rooms in six different movement schemes
• Operation time of up to one hour with one battery charging
• Fall prevention by sensors

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