The Vodafone “Sure Signal Enterprise Edition” is a so called “3-G Femto Cell” which guarantees voice or data connections with maximum quality (“5 bars”) in offices and buildings with bad reception. Operation is really simple: The device is connected to an available DSL-Router in the office with a LAN cable and a power supply. Then, Sure Signal autonomously and automatically dials into the Vodafone network and creates a so-called “local micro radio cell”. Bad or interrupted mobile voice or data connections caused by building conditions (thick ferro concrete walls, distance or direction towards the next external radio cell) are a thing of the past. The design of the Enterprise Edition shows the Vodafone typical clear and unpretentious form language. The soft, rounded rear uses a characteristic hole pattern to cool the device. The precisely spanned front surface directs the volume towards the user and the room. The uniqueness is completed by the also typical “display strip” with characteristic Power-LED and Vodafone logotype. A special detail is the patented metal bracket which can be used in two positions. To hang the Femto to the wall or ceiling or position it freely, you simply need to reinsert the bracket.

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