The Most Innovative Brands of 2021

Announcement of the Most Innovative Brands of the Year 2021 by the PLUS X AWARD

In the year 2021, 12 brands become “Most Innovative Brand“

For the eighteenth time already, the PLUS X AWARD, the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sport and lifestyle, allocates its most important honoring, the “Most Innovative Brand of the Year” award of 2021. After detailed and critical examinations through the PLUS X AWARD jurors of the Late Jury of 2020/2021, those brands that succeeded in being awarded the most Seals of Approval within their product category during the year are certain as Most Innovative Brands.

The organizers, jurors, partners and ambassadors of the PLUS X AWARD are aware of these excellent accomplishments of the Most Innovative Brands and gratulate sincerely.


For eighteen years now, it is the mission of the PLUS X AWARD to be a steady fixed point of orientation and support for end consumers as well as the industry. Also, in our current times, the PLUS X AWARD sees its duty to follow this task especially for those brands that now have the chance to prove their strengths. For one year, the Covid-19 pandemic has been causing huge breaks in our everyday personal, cultural as well as economic lives. Despite of these obstacles, the brands that we award today with the utmost honor of the PLUS X AWARD manage to make progress with their spirit of innovation and by doing so light a beacon of inspiration for all the companies and their customers. It is this kind of keenness that has always defined the Most Innovative Brands. As president of the PLUS X AWARD, I am filled with pride that we can point out the determination and the courage of the honored brands to the customers with our established Seals of Approval and thus become a strong connecting link between users and industry. This esprit brings the confidence that strong brands and firms can help shape the future in a way that we all can profit from their innovation and thus, slowly but surely, will find a way back into a new normality

– Donat Brandt, founder and president of the PLUS X AWARD


Until then, the traditional Day of the Brand, for which the Most Innovative Brands are invited into the first German parliament in Bonn that is usually rearranged into a television studio to become a platform for the brands’ massages, again cannot take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nevertheless, the new participation phase, the Early Jury and with this the new PLUS X AWARD year 2021/2022, will start punctually on June 15th, 2021. The PLUS X AWARD jurors are looking forward to receiving a multitude of innovative and inspiring products, product series and services which, after having been honored successfully, will not only point out their added value to the users through the Seals of Approval, but also stand for the exclusiveness of the brands and companies behind them.

The Most Innovative Brands 2021

TESLA, Automotive

DOYMA, Construction Material

ARAG, Service Provider

SHARP, Small Home & Large Home Appliances

LÄSSIG, Family & Kids

WAREMA, Garden & Power Tools

MEDISANA, Health & Personal Care

MEDION, IT/IOT/Telecommunication/Photo

DELABIE, Sanitary & Air Conditioning

X-BIONIC, Sport & Lifestyle

VESTEL, Home Entertainment


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